Slab Armour

Skudo's innovative products safely adhere to the surface and easily peels off when you are done with the job. They provide added safety on construction sites as the products do not warp or curl, they stay in place unlike cardboard or wood and leave no sticky residue or damage on your surface.

All-Terrain Mats

All-Terrain Mats are slip resistant in wet or dry conditions. The thick design of the mat allows water and soil to easily pass through. Provides a safe path to walk for workers over gravel, rocks, mud, snow, and ice.

Surface Protection

Surface Protection

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Glass Advance

Spray or paint on protection that easily peels off when the job is done. Skudo® Glass Advanced protects against splatter and debris from all construction sites. Available in blue or white designed to last up to 12 months. Want to protect your glass while in transit? Simply apply Skudo Glass Advan...