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Skudo HT Commercial System is a fully adhered, breathable,temporary surface protection system for commercial projects. It consists of a flexible, peelable Concrete Base Coat and Skudo HT (Heavy Traffic) Mat. The HT Commercial System is our most durable protection, withstanding machinery, shoring and tough environments. It is perfectly suited for protecting concrete,allowing full cure without creating hydration (cure) lines.

Like all Skudo products, the HT Mat temporarily bonds to the surface, blocking debris, materials and spills from damaging the protected surface. Skudo HT provides a slip resistant, seamless and stationary work surface, ideal for placing construction marks and chalk lines.

Skudo HT is designed to protect surfaces from commercial traffic during construction for up to 12 months on interior projects and 9 months on exterior projects. Once the project is completed, the HT Mat is peeled up, revealing a clean and damage-free surface.


  • Protects most surfaces, including freshly placed concrete (14+ days after placement)
  • Protects polished concrete and terrazzo (can be installed before interior walls are placed)
  • Under Scaffolding & Shoring
  • Flooring and Staircases

Reliable surface protection for Heavy construction site traffic

  • Superior spill, stain and water resistance (proven against flooding)
  • Resistance to UV, rust, impact, and welding splatter
  • Class 1 Fire/Flame retardant according to ASTM E 648 and NFPA 253 standards.
  • Antibacterial/Antifungal: Test-verified protection against bacteria and molds that cause infection. (ISO-20743)
  • Safer working surface
  • High slip resistance in wet and dry conditions
  • Seamless and stationary
  • Cleans surface upon peel up removal

Substrate Suitability

  • Raw Concrete (Smooth) : Very Good
  • Polished Concrete (Sealed) : Excellent
  • Decorative Concrete : Excellent
  • Brushed Concrete : Good
  • Aged Concrete : Excellent
  • Acid Washed Concrete : Poor
  • Stairs : Good
  • Terrazzo : Excellent
  • Hardwood (Sealed) : Good
  • Hardwood (Sealed) : Good

Product Coverage

  • HT Mat 800 : sq. ft./roll
  • Base Coat Smooth/Troweled Surfaces : 150 sq. ft./gal
  • Textured/Medium : as low as 80
  • Broomed finish : sq. ft./gal


The Skudo Commercial System is applied in two steps:

  • The water based Concrete Base Coat is
    applied using either our Squeegee Method
    (preferred) or Roller Method. See application
    sheet for details.
  • The HT Mat is rolled out and pressed into wet
    Base Coat. For more information on detailed
    application, please refer to our Website,
    Product Application Sheet or Label.


  • Do not dilute
  • Should not be applied to concrete exposed to excessive moisture. Skudo must be kept dry for 48 hours after installation.
  • Do not apply if the temperature of the concrete or air temperature is below 40o F (4o C).
  • If installing over sealed, guarded or protected concrete or terrazzo, it is critical sealer is fully cured. Dry to the touch is not sufficient. Do not apply over acrylic based topical/film forming sealers. Always consult a Skudo Representative for compatibility.
  • If Skudo sits in standing water or extremely heavy rainfall or drainage, water can eventually infiltrate and break the adhesion between the protected substrate and Skudo Base Coat. If this occurs, carefully drain or squeegee water off the affected area. Keep traffic off Skudo until it has dried. In most cases the mat will re-adhere to the substrate.
  • Following installation, remove all dried Base Coat exposed to UV along outer edges.