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All-Terrain Mat

All-Terrain Mat provides an extremely durable traffic zone on loose and unprepared ground on construction sites for use by workers, contractors, and their clients.

All-Terrain Mat provides a heavy duty surface (1⁄2 inch thick) with a free draining structure that allows dirt and water to pass through. This provides a very high level of slip resistance for both wet and dry conditions.

All-Terrain Mat offers excellent durability and resistance to heavy wear & tear.


  • Provides a safe walkway over gravel, rocks, mud, snow & ice.
  • Excellent walk off mat to keep your site & job trailers clean.
  • Directs traffic safely through heavy construction zones.
  • Anti-fatigue properties for workers.


Use over Mud & Rocks

  • Extremely durable construction that allows water & soil to pass through the mat.
  • Thick & heavy so it stays in place in challenging conditions.
  • Test-proven protection against flame & freeze. (FMVSS 302-1998)
  • Can be pegged down as needed.

For jobsites with rough terrain, heavy rain, mud, snow and ice, Skudo’s All-Terrain
Mat is the solution.

All-Terrain Mat Product Details

Part # = AT-3K-3.3-33-ORANGE

  • Mat Width = 3.3 feet
  • Mat Length = 33 feet
  • Mat Weight = 86 lbs per roll / 0.8 lb. per sq. ft. (approx)
  • Roll Diameter = 16 in. (approx)
  • Product Thickness = 0.5 in. (approx)
  • Composition: Specially desgined non-absorbent Vinyl loop coils extruded from 100% PVC and thermally bonded. DOP Free.
  • Appearance: Orange vinyl loop coiled mat Fire resistance: In accordance with – US CPSC 16 CFR Part 1631 (FF2-70) Frost Resistance: Withstand -13°F without break
  • Tensile Strength: In accordance with ASTM D5034-2009 Crosswise – 3997N Lengthwise – 3923N
  • Tear Strength: In accordance with ASTM D5034-2009 Crosswise – 1342N Lengthwise – 1216N
  • Slip Resistance: In reference to to GB/t 4100-2006 Friction Coefficient (DRY) – 0.685 Friction Coefficient (WET) – 0.580
  • REACH: In accordance with EC No 1907/2006 – PASS
  • Packaging: 9 rolls per pallet