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drainage tarp


Drainage Tarp

Water-Diverting Drainage Tarp

Whether it is from rain, sleet or melting snow and ice, leaks happen. Have a roof over your head? Does it leak? If so, the Drainage Tarp can divert that nasty leak out of your warehouse, office or home, and right out of your hair! Say goodbye to cheap blue tarps & keep the garbage can outside where it belongs!

The Drainage Tarp is designed to be suspended over equipment or any important items that you want to keep dry. It has hardware in the middle of the tarp that attaches to any standard ¾” garden hose that allows water to be diverted safely away from the item you are protecting.


Water Diversion

Rain Protection

Water Collection

Durable Construction

High density, white woven polyethylene

Fire Retardant

Fire Retardant: Meets NFPA 701 Method II & Boston Fire Marshal Test BFD IX-1


Multiple Versions

Available in a number of sizes to fit any application.

Equipped with a fitting that easily connects to any standard 3/4″ garden hose.

1” D-ring with webbing in each corner. 12×12 & 15×15 sizes have an additional D-ring on each side (middle)

Double Stitched Hems

Super strong 14×14 weave, 15 mil thickness

High Density White Woven Polyethylene

Features hardware in the middle of the tarp that attaches to any standard ¾” garden hose

Available Sizes:



Item #

3′ x 6′ 10/ctn DT36
6′ x 6′ 10/ctn DT66
6′ x 8′ 10/ctn DT68
6′ x 10′ 5/ctn DT610
10′ x 10′ 5/ctn DT1010
12′ x 12′ 5/ctn DT1212
15′ x 15′ 5/ctn DT1515




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