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liberty mask

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Liberty Mask

Liberty Mask | The Liberty Mask is a Level 3 Surgical face mask intended to be worn over the mouth and nose in public places and protect from the transfer of microorganisms, body fluids, and particulate material transfer. Surgical masks are proven to reduce transfer of droplets associated with COVID-19.

The non-woven construction protects the user’s respiratory tract and filters the air that the user breathes in, thus providing protection from various diseases which may arise due to virus transmission. The mask covers the whole face and protects the face from dust or microorganisms, which may harm the skin.

Bacterial Filtration

Features a BFE @ 3.0 μm large Bacteria ≥ 98%

Ideal Use:

•The Surgical-Style Mask provides 3 layers of protection from particulates and viral contaminants.

•1st PP Non-Woven Layer
2nd Melt Blown BFE95
3rd PP Non-Woven Layer

Particulate Filtration Efficiency:

•PFE @ 0.1 μm large Latex particules ≥ 98%

3 layer design helps to protect against transmission of droplets, dust, pollens, pollution. Disposable for greater hygiene.

Protective barrier against bacteria carrying droplets, splattering liquids, allergens, foreign particles.

Stay healthier - effective in environments to assisting in protecting your mouth and nose from droplet transfer

Allergen protection: Filtering, melt-blown PP mask fabrics and an added inner layer for comfort. High grade non-woven materials to trap micro-particles and pollution.

Comfortable ear loops hold the face mask in place for a better fit. Cover your nose and mouth daily.

Form fitting nose piece allowing for a better, more comfortable fit



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