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Safety Harness

Did you know that falls accounted for 338 of 1,008 total deaths in CY construction sites in 2019?  There’s a lot of options when considering worksite safety- and USP can help make that choice clear. The Safety Harness has been designed with comfort in mind. It features 5 points of adjustment to help achieve a perfect fit. It also comes with an adjustable dorsal D-Ring, shoulder pads, padded waist belt as well as stretchable back and shoulders.

The Safety harness is the most crucial piece of equipment for any high elevation job. Our harnesses are built to fit the needs of a range of dangerous jobs, whether you work in the construction, wind energy, traffic, sewage, or the telecom industries.


Worksite related injuries can be directly impacted via the implementation of safety harnesses and fall protection. USP is happy to provide these helpful facts, figures and statistics about construction, falls and fall protection.

Falls accounted for 338 out of 1,008 total deaths in Container-Yard construction sites in 2018.

**US Department of Labor | 2019 Study


Construction-Related Fall Protection was the #1 most frequently cited OSHA
Violation in 2019.

**US Department of Labor | 2018 Study

42% of Total Construction Worker Deaths involve falls.

**NIOSH Fatality Assessment
and Control Evaluation




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