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wall mount


Wall Mount

The Wall Mount is part of our line of accessories for the revolutionary MedicAir Checkpoint. The unit provides a stationary point for the Checkpoint to be safely mounted at eye level on any wall or support structure- allowing for fast, easy temperature checks in seconds.

USP is also proud to offer a wide range of accessories for your MedicAir Checkpoint device. Including: Desk Mounts, Base Stands and even a Remote door-lock system that can turn your checkpoint into a touch free entry point. Contact us for more information today!

Also from MedicAir:

The MedicAir Checkpoint was designed with business owners and operators in mind. Devices strategically placed at facility entry points are capable of data recognition and body temperature assessment.

The MedicAir Checkpoint is equipped with biometric object recognition software which may be set to identify facial masks and facility required PPE. Infrared Scanning Technology accurately identifies body temperature (within 0.5*C/0.9*F) in seconds. Anyone entering the facility, who falls safely within pre-set parameters, can trigger a passive relay, Wigan data, or serial Rs 232 output.  Those with a body temperature above the pre-set parameters or without proper PPE can be denied access to the facility.

Help protect your employees, your clients, your customers, your fans, your students, and yourself during this worldwide pandemic and in the future. As we continue to explore safe ways to re-open businesses, we understand the importance of small details. The first step in boosting the economy, and initiating opportunities for economic recovery, is getting through the front door.


Accurate Measurement

Infared Scanning Technology
takes accurate Temperature
within 0.5ºC

wall mount

Alarmed Entry Features

Supports automatic alarm for body temperature abnormality.

Facial Recognition Support

 Supports 30,000 face database. The recognition rate is more than 98% accurate with a pass-speed of less than 1 second




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