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Wet Curing Blanket

The Conkure™ Wet Curing Blanket consists of a highly absorbent synthetic needle punched fabric coated with a white reflective film. Unlike burlap, it will not rot or mildew.

Conkure™ Blankets are lightweight and disposable making them an economical choice in concrete curing and yet are versatile and strong enough to be reused when cared for properly. Concrete curing blankets are a light-weight and effective method of providing temporary insulation on project sites.

Conkure Blanket are reflective and specifically designed to be hydrated and inhibit moisture loss during the curing process of concrete. It will also significantly reduce heating of the concrete surface caused by the sunlight in hot weather conditions.

The American Concrete Institute claims that moist curing is the best method for developing the strength of concrete and minimizes early drying shrinkage in their publication ACI 305R-99 (chapter 4.4.2) Conkure™ . The Wet Curing Blanket meets and exceeds AASHTO M-171 and ASTM C-171, “Standard Specification  for Sheet Materials for Curing Concrete” for moisture retention and daylight reflection.

The Wet Curing Blanket is part of our line of surface protection products and tarps. Questions? Comments? Concerns? Contact us and place an order today!



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